2/5 Drama Movies | Short Term 12 (2013)
Grace, you are a line staff. It’s not your job to interpret tears. That’s what our trained therapists are here for. Then your trained therapists don’t know shit.

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You see, the Northerner is trusting and loyal, like a gun dog. But when riled become mistrustful and easily confused, like a sort of angry hen. Now, you must also learn their tongue. 'Owt' is any, 'nowt' is none, 'ta' is thanks, 'mint' is good, 'tea' is supper, 'dinner' is lunch, a 'barm cake' is a sort of bap, a 'bap' is a tit and a 'tit', is a tit.

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I’ll be your d r e a m tonight,

                               your w i s h has come to life.

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Where is Jessica Hyde?

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XAVIER DOLAN Filmography [2009-2014]
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 You have to stop trying to kill me. I’m not trying to kill you, Kingsley. I’m  just trying to massively shit you up.

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I’m just trying to keep this thing from rotting us

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"I never realized how much I missed tormenting the Avatar!"

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